How to change your webmail password remotely

Things you'll need:

1) A Firefox

This is cute indeed, but use this Firefox instead.

2) Firebug

No, this one won't work, and it isn't particularly cute either. You'll need this one.

If you don't have it, get firebug from, well,

3) A working internet connection.

(Yeah I know it seems obvious, but IITI has taught me a valuable life lesson of not to take it for granted!)


So now you have all that, let's proceed to the steps.


Open firefox with firebug installed, and navigate to ""

It'll first ask you to authenticate. Here you can use any valid username and corresponding valid password which is not yet expired.

Enter the following details:


Enter any valid username here, which'll be used to authenticate with the proxy in IET to make it believe you are sitting there in lab.


Enter first 10 characters as "mercesucks", followed by a colon ":", and the password corresponding to the username entered.


When the miniproxy opens, enter the intranet URL as, and you'll see this page.

Open the webmail link in a new tab and return to the original merce page.

Now comes the tricky part. Fire up firebug, and in the HTML panel, look for the form element and select it.

Right click on the form element, and select the option "Edit HTML"

It'll show you a bunch of code there. Select it all and copy it.

Now head over to the other tab. Follow the same procedure, open firebug, look for the form element, select and right click, and choose edit HTML.

Another bunch of code. Delete it all, and paste there the code copied from the previous page. After it's done, the page will look something like this.

Enter the username and password to be changed, and click login. You'll see the following familiar page.

The rest is straightforward. Go to the password change page, set the new password, and hit submit. Voila, your password is changed! You can also browse around and change profile details, set autoforward etc.



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